About Us


Our vision is to be the most preferred supplier of choice offering Renewable Energy Solutions, ICT Solutions,Outdoor equipment, sports equipment,printing services, electrical hardware appliances and other marketing specific solutions to the world at a competitive price point.


To transform the lives of the people by offering startling innovative quality solutions. To build brands that will lead in photovoltaic solar systems, outdoor equipment, ICT equipment, printing services, electrical hardware and appliances and positively impact the society by intentional activities in philanthropy.

Meet Our Team

Anesu Takarindwa, C.E.O

Anesu Takarindwa, C.E.O

Taking Ultrapartners to worlds unknown has been and will remain my lifetime commitment – VIP

Wisdom Kahiya-Operations Manager

We live to see operational progress and we die to ascertain it – Boss Wisie

Alethea Dzambo- Manager

Lifting women the Ultraparters Way – Madam Alie

UltraPartners ICT team

We are commited to delivering the best and making every visit a memorable ONE Madam Omega

Our Values


We confidently and constantly pursue the finest quality and we believe in what we and our valued stakeholders are doing.


Being in harmony, oneness in conduct has always been our motto and we will forever echo the same message


As a principle we endeavor to improve life, better the environment and make the world habitable


Truthfulness, honesty, sound moral principles are the pillars of every transaction we engage ourselves in

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